7 Day FREE Food Challenge

by brittw on July 3, 2014

7 Day FREE Food Challenge

I don’t know if many of you know my story of the past and this past year but I have been working in a position that requires a LOT of travel and hotels and juggling food choices. This after I lost 40lbs from eating healthy and working out (And loved it so much so that I chose to be a rep for the products) However, since 80% of getting back in shape is from cleaning up your eating I really wanted to reach out and help people since so many of us struggle with this issue. If I can keep 40lbs off while travelling and eating/working out in hotel rooms I really think I can help you.


I know we are busy – I really get that – Heck I have 5 kids and travel for work. I know that cooking sometimes is a challenge and I also know that it gets really overwhelming sometimes with family resistance to clean up our families diets. If I provided a Totally Free 7 day clean eating challenge where I provide the shopping list, menu, family friendly recipes (no tofu soup or anything) and total support would you be interested??? Do any of the following apply to you?

• You need to get off the junk food cycle
• You used to eat well but fell off the wagon and could use some help getting bak on.
• You want to quickly lose a few pounds for an upcoming event/summer.
• You’ve always been a picky eater but want to do better.
• You’re tired of tight clothes.
• You want the energy to not be dragging by 6pm or to keep up with your kids.
• You’ve tried every diet, soup, fad on the market and just end up gaining it back.
• You’re sick of feeling sick and tired
EMAIL ME – Britt@dailycrazy.net or message/comment below and I will get you all the info.

I’m posting my current, taken today photos as well – I really want people to understand just how life changing a few simple steps can be to regaining your energy and shape back.

If you missed this first one, please email me anyway. I plan to run these often.


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